What to Expect When Dating an Indian

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Dating an Indian is often said to be a unique experience for other cultures as the traditional values are still held firm within the family values. Dating an Indian involves social stigmas that present a challenge for some, but will also be worth investing in.

Here’s what to expect when dating an Indian.

Consider the Current Dating Norms

The dating culture in India is steadily matching to those of the Western countries. As the change of values is transforming the culture, dating has become socially acceptable. Social networking and online dating sites are becoming popular in India as it has become a safe way meet new people.

Indian Women

Only a few decades, Indian women were once reserved with a dormant demeanor. Now, Indian women have become independent, outgoing and passionate. While Indian women still have traditional values, they are relaxed advocates of monogamy.

Caste Walls and Religion

The walls of caste and religion are fading out in urban India, but not in the provincial side. While the differences in caste and religion may be an issue to parents, young India seems to have no problems in religion, caste, and even race.

Online Dating

In 2016, studies show that 15 million Indians are active in online dating as social media websites have gained popularity in urban India as well as suburban India. These social sites are served as a tool for dating and expanding social circles.

Meeting the Family

Meeting the family is often the most dreaded part of dating. In India, the parents’ expectations are also high, which makes the experience all the more nerve-wracking. In fact, Indian parents consider their choice in partners for their children, which means you should impress them before actually meeting them.

Patience in Dating

Finding love in India requires time and effort, just as you would with any other woman. Some even like to take things slow, which will require you to take your time and be patient.

Dating in any part of the world can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding love. The best thing to do is to convey your emotions and confirm where the relationship is headed.

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