How To Win Boyfriend Back

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Are you asking yourself the question how to win back boyfriend, did he just break it off with you and youre feeling lonely?

So you want to know how to win boyfriend back. First of all, if he has since married, or entered what is now a serious relationship, you will probably want to forget this idea. What would be the point in destroying someone elses happiness in the attempt to increase yours. If that does not do it for you, you may want to ask yourself if you could ever really trust someone who would do such a thing.

First of all, you will want to establish a friendship. Spend time together. Go out, invite him to parties. This way he will become used to having you around. You will already be part of his every day life. Talk on the phone and text him. Just do not over due it. If you are constantly filling up his voicemail, or texting him every twenty minutes, he will quickly become annoyed. Or worse, he may possibly think that you are clingy, needy and lacking self confidence.

Ask him to help you with things he is good in like moving furniture or fixing your car. Even a complicated financial problem or a math equation. Such things appeal to him and he will feel good being with you.

Offer your assistance. Now find something that you know he could use some help with. This does not mean his clothes or hair, unless he specifically asks, and if he does, then be gentle. If you focus on these things he will think you are criticizing or trying to change him. This is not a good idea.

You can always help him clean his house. Invite him for dinner and make snacks for his super bowl. Here again watch yourself and stay within limits. You are his girlfriend and not his servant.

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