Are You Ready For Family Life?

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Readiness for creation of a family and its well being in many respects depend on a state of health of the young people. But health is got not for one day, and during all previous life. The healthy way of life promotes development of spiritual culture of the person, strengthening of family relations, maintenance of friendly and highly moral relations with surrounding people, and also allows the person to overcome much easier psycho-emotional difficulties and stressful situations, which at times arise in home life.

To young people, gathering to create a family without the strong material base, usually is necessary to listen to many cautions and quite fair. And still creation of such family has much more the rational bases, than it is represented to those who recognizes as obligatory material security of a newly married couple. As a rule, the long period of courting can lead to recession of love relations.

Motivational readiness for home life includes love as the basic motive of creation of a family, readiness for independence, a sense of responsibility for an established family, readiness for a birth and bringing up of children.

It is known that the majority of people create a family based on love. Such families, according to sociologists, are approximately 70-75 %. Without strong feeling, without a warm inclination, on mind 15-20 % of a newly married couple create family. About 5-10 % build a family for material reasons (one of the future spouses has the car, the separate well apartment, well paid post, etc.).

Psychological readiness for family creation is a presence of the developed skills of dialogue with people, unity or similarity of sights at the world and home life, ability to create a healthy moral and psychological climate in a family, stability of character and the feelings, the developed strong-willed qualities of the person.

From family atmosphere in which the future spouses have grown, depends a lot and how there will be a destiny of the future family, whether there will be safe or, on the contrary, will face problems and difficulties, and even will break up.

Data of sociological researches testifies: divorce of parents three times increases probability of divorce at children while the probability of divorce of children makes of a full family 5 of 100.

Pedagogical readiness for family creation includes pedagogical literacy, economic skills, and good sexual health.

Pedagogical literacy of the young men entering home life, assumes knowledge of laws of development of children and features of their education, skills of care of the baby. By economic skills are meant ability to plan, distribute and observe the family budget, to organize a life and leisure, to create in a family coziness.

Sexual maturity assumes mastering of necessary knowledge of intimate aspects of life of the person, correct sights at mutual relations of sexes, knowledge of how to protect the love.

Sexologists, who should face disharmony cases, consider that many problems of matrimonial relations arise in a marriage initial stage, and at times in the very first night after wedding. Then not at all expectations justify, not all brings pleasure physical affinity. There are families in which opening of this page of a matrimony brings many sorrows, and even conflicts in loving relations.

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