5 Ways to Impress Indian Women

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Indian girls are unique when it comes to being impressed. A simple date for dinner will not do as they require investment in how you approach them. The trick is to impress them with patience and give them attention without they realized it.

Here are five ways to impress Indian Women.

Use your confidence

Believe it or not – Women are naturally attracted to men who are confident. Be sure to know the difference between confidence and having a big ego. Confidence means that you are comfortable and sure of yourself. This will display an appealing attitude that girls look for.

Befriend her friends

One of the best ways to have an indirect effect on a woman is to impress her friends. This will trigger a chain reaction that will cause Indian women to become impressed. You don’t have to invest a high amount of effort on everyone but just her close friends. Women often form their opinion by approval of their friends

Embrace Chivalry

A traditional way to impress a woman is to be chivalrous. Simple things like opening her door, pulling out chairs, calling her first, and paying the bill will show how you respect them.

Impress Her Family

Indian families have a mindset that if you plan to pursue their daughter, you are also seeking them. Once you impress their family, you will automatically impress the girl. This will allow you to show off your good values and appreciate your talents.

Don’t Make Yourself Desperate

The worst thing you can do while trying to pursue an Indian woman is to come off as desperate. Allow your approach to be subtle, or all efforts in trying to impress them will go in vain. Make your intentions mean well, but don’t try too hard.

It does not take much for Indian women to be pleased, it just takes longer than others. With subtleness and consistency, all your efforts in pleasing an Indian woman will be worth investing in.

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